Diana Friedman

Vitamin Water


Vitamin Water

Made at Wieden+Kennedy NY with Nechama Muchnik
Creative Directors: Caleb Jensen and Jimm Lasser

Exotic travel. Perhaps the most revered of all millennial pursuits.

The goal: Get to the most undiscovered, most remote, most exclusive destination and/or event possible. and post it on the ’gram.

To launch new Fire and Ice flavors, which offer the weather forecast of two soon-to-be-trending spots, we created a campaign in the VitaminWater universe to help people get to these exotic locations.

To launch Ice, we gave consumers a taste of the arctic terrain we experience when navigating a recent breakup. we created a travel campaign for My Ex’s Heart, a barren, frozen destination where visitors can bring all their baggage.


No travel campaign is complete without OOH in airports, subways, and in this case, flying over spring breakers in Panama City Beach.

We created an Airbnb listing that people could actually book.


We sent influencers empty cardboard suitcases so they can bring all their baggage.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 1.44.25 AM.png


let’s make sure our influencers survive.